Maintain a sharp focus on gold: Because of global economic and political uncertainty, shortages of supply, and increasing volatility with respect to many G8 currencies, gold remains an attractive investment. Furthermore, the management team and board have significant experience with gold exploration and development in West Africa.

Target under-explored areas within highly prospective regions: The Company believes the lowest-cost discoveries can be made in areas that haven’t been heavily explored, but have highly prospective geology. This allows the Company to acquire properties relatively inexpensively, which contributes to a lower overall cost structure.

Organic growth: With the largest undeveloped gold project in Burkina Faso, as well as the earlier stage Bondi gold exploration project, the Company is well positioned technically and financially to expand its resources.

Keep costs down: Orezone maintains a low cost structure through efficient exploration and management methods, and by developing several deposits in the same region in order to achieve economies of scale.

Manage risk: The Company continually evaluates other opportunities that may offset any perceived risks associated with its current portfolio. If necessary it partners with experienced development professionals and focuses on opportunities with large size potential and high rates of return.

Become a gold producer: Orezone systematically applies advanced exploration and development techniques to bring its projects to a production decision on a timely basis. It will become a gold producer by relying on management’s wealth of experience and will adhere to “World Bank Standards” and IFC guidelines with respect to the environment, social impacts and its mining and processing practices.